Nandi Hills

Nandi hills is a beautiful hillstation in Bangalore. It is around 60-70 kms from the city and is an awesome picnic spot in any weather.. It gets its name because the hill resembles a sleeping bull (Nandi) from outside. This was a summer retreat of Tipu sultan and then a guest house of Nehru.

 How to Go : It can be reached by public transport or your own vehicle. We drove to Nandi hills by our own car Honda Amaze, the drive is superb, easy (a bangalore road driver can manage the turns/ghats) but need to be careful in monsoons as the roads get slippery and visibility is limited.
There is a Karnataka tourism bus also which had a 1 day tour to Nandi hills.

On the way on our Honda Amaze
Route: Very simple. Follow the route to Bangalore Airport in Davanahalli. A few kms ahead of airport, there is a diversion to Hyderabad, take that route and you would start seeing "Way to Nandi Hill" boards. Otherwise follow google maps, it will take you ther

When to Go : Nandi hill looks different in every season. Summers provide an awesome sunrise view and entire city can be seen below while winters and monsoon is foggy. The driver needs to be very careful in the monsoon as the roads are slippery and visibility is very very less. It is extremely crowded on weekends.. so prefer to go on weekdays or too early morning on weekends...

Misty Roads
Ideally you must leave at 3am if you wish to see the sunrise, but since we went to Nandi hills in monsoon, sunrise was anyway not there and we were too lazy to wake up. We left home at around 6am and reached at 8am.

What to do:
Well... simply enjoy the beauty of nature.... take long walks, watch the panaromic view of the city, click pictures and eat...
Nice dosa and maggi is available at the top.
There are some historic temples which you can visit, but we were not interested in the same to skipped it.
Nehru Nilaya - Jawaharlal nehru had a guest house on Nandi hills which can be visited by tourist, however it is very boring, the outside is good for photo clicking.

Amrut Sarovar - A large tank with endless stairs, too many monkeys there, might snatch your bag, so need to be careful.

Some More pics :

 P.S - All photos are taken from my Sony Cybershot camera

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  1. yeah same experience we had .. though being a mum of two kids I 'managed ' to spot a big park with swings and slides ... so they enjoyed there :) he he motherly sense you see... loved your pics ..misty and romantic <3 :)

  2. The place looks beautiful with those fog.

  3. Lovely Photos with the fog.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  4. Very nice pics... Esplly yours. I have been to nandi hills and is a perfect weekend getaway... Nice post indeed :)

  5. Very beautifully captured..Nandi hills is indeed a very nice place for a weekend getaway.. !

  6. Fog on hills look much better :) .... and I hate winter smog of Delhi. I wish I had an option to move to such place in winters :)

    1. Thanks VJ.. yeah now a days Bangalore traffic is also catching up and we see some smog here too :(

  7. Wow, that looks enticing. The misty road looks so mysterious

  8. Even after being in Bangalore for over 3 years, I'm yet to visit Nandi. :(
    Lovely pictures!

    1. Ohh you are missing .. you must go to Nandi hills this winters :)

  9. Just when we were planning to go. This post was very informative. We are planning a trip to Bangalore and we wanted to visit a couple of places nearby. Nandi hills is one and still looking for another.

    Something else happened while reading your post. I have gone to NAndi hills before. I was 6 years old then. I just remembered that a monkey snatched a banana from my hands (when you mentioned about them) and I cried a lot. Your post acted as a memory trigger :D

    1. So nice to hear from you Ranjini.. Yes you must plan to go to Nandi hills when in Bangalore. There are some more places around Bangalore.. have covered some of them in my blog posts.. take care :)

  10. Wonderful blog and lovely pictures. will surely visit. Thanks for the share.
    Bangalore to Nandi Hills Cabs


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