Island of Wet Rice: Beras Besah Langkawi

Beras Besah or Island of wet rice is one of the most popular islands of Langkawi. The sand at this Island is so soft that it feels like wet rice.

There is a popular legend that says that two giants by name of Mat Cincang and Mat Raya. Mat Raya was celebrating the engagement of his daughter with Mat Cincang's son. But the groom was found flirting with another woman, which led to a strong fued between the two families and the entire feast of the engagement party flew in the air and became the present day island. The wet rice island is probably the area where the rice fell.
If you notice the sand on Beras Besah Island (which means wet rice in English), it is white in color and is so soft that you feet will start to sink in it just like a pot of rice.
You can easily inscribe your name on the white sand, it's granular and mushy.
How to Go:
As mentioned in my post - Island of Pregant lady, the only way to go to this island also is by speedboad or jetty. You can book a jetty from the Jetty point in Langkawi (The one where the Eagle statue is there - prime location in Langkawi). Or you can check with you hotel reception, they have tie ups with different Jetty operators. This Island is covered in the Island Hopping tour - which costs around 250 -300 RMs.The Island hopping tour is around 3-4 hours, he picks you up from the jetty point, takes you to the Eagle feeding square, amazing eagles can be spotted hovering over your boat. The next stop is Pregnant Lady Island and the last stop is Beras Besah island.

What to do:
The island is very serene, and no commercialization. Thats why it has retained its natural beauty. There is nothing much on this island except one stall where you can get water, soft drinks etc. You can also rent some swimming gear, snorkelling gear etc., but my advice is to just enjoy the beauty of this beach. Not must corals and fishes here, so not the best site for snorkelling. The best place for snorkelling, scuba diving is Pulau Payar, i will write about it in my future posts.

All in all, this is a good place to visit and must be included in the Langkawi itinerary.

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  1. I loved Beras Basah. Beautiful island. Only problem there were no washrooms there :-(
    Nonetheless, I have nominated your blog Travel Hues for the Liebster award. Visit the link below

    1. Thanks Dear.. i will put the Liebster answers tagging you :)

  2. Cool place to visit..Love the blog post..)

  3. Informative post with lovely pics :)

  4. Wow you have captured it so well Sneh,I went to langkawi in Dec 2014 and it was raining and complete wash out

    1. Ohh no.. but Rains have a different charm on beaches.. I am sure you must have enjoyed.. but wouldn't have covered many spots... Thanks for your comments :)

  5. Great pics! The story of this island seems to be really interesting!

  6. Nice shots. Interesting story about the island.Thanks for sharing.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  7. Wow! Such mesmerizing clicks!! Love your photography.

  8. Hi,
    great short! Lovely pics...
    and thanks for shearing.


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