Flower Show @ Lalbagh Gardens Bangalore

Friday, February 02, 2018

This Republic day, I thought I will not go anywhere outside Bangalore as it is a challenge to find quiet places and good hotels on long weekends.
We decided to head to the Lalbagh gardens to spend our day and also to look at the Flower Show that they host every year at this time.

The Flower show dates back to many 1900s and this year was the 207th Flower Show - it is held every year on Independence day and Republic day. The dates were 19th Jan to 29th Jan'18 and we went there on 27th Jan.
Ticket price is Rs 60/- for Adults and Rs.20/- for Children.

Travel time from Whitefield : 1 Hour

Best time to go : Leave early morning and reach by 8 or 9AM to avoid crowd and also to avail parking. You can also try Namma Metro - the Lalbagh metro station is very near to the west gate.

Experience :

http://www.bootsandbutter.com/Well, I would say that I enjoyed a lot as it was my first trip to Lalbagh. As soon as I entered, I noticed a huge lake inside the campus and vast expanses of greenery and land. The Rose garden is immensely beautiful with bright roses as far as you can see. But it is locked with a fence, I wish they allowed us to go inside the Rose garden for some cool pictures. There were monkeys who were playing around and my little one was too excited to watch them. Then we headed to the Flower Show.
As we moved closer, we saw hordes of people as if the entire Bangalore crowd has turned up at the Flower Show - it was difficult to find a photo spot without people in the background - but we somehow managed to find some frames.
There were a lot of plant stalls where you can buy pots, seeds, saplings etc. but we did not stop at any of these, just strolled around.
Then we went inside the glass house - the theme for the show was Bahubali - with portraits and status of the lord decorated with variety of flowers. The misty cool water was being sprayed from the top to ensure that the flowers remain fresh.

The crowd was so much, that the police was trying to hush everyone, and it was a bit claustrophobic. Honestly, I had more expectations from the flower show.

We took some pictures and selfies there and headed out. Kept walking inside the Lalbagh jungle till we found a quiet place under a big banyan tree. This was the best moment of the trip and not the Flower show.
I will definitely go to the Lalbagh garden again !!

P.S - All pictures are taken from my iPhone 6. Did not carry my DSLR this time.


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